Farm Update

April 2021 Update

Weekly updates get sent to customers who connect to us through the online store. At this point a large portion of our sales has moved online, including CSA shares, organic vegetables, meat and eggs. We still make it to two farmers' markets, when they are open, and sell to Mama Earth organics. Seedlings should begin to appear on the online store by the first week of May. To buy CSA shares you can either go to the online store, or email us. Pickup locations are in Kitchener, Toronto (3) and at the farm, just south of New Dundee. Stay safe, eat local.

May 2020 Update

We are now well over a month into adapting to our new reality of social distancing and selling vegetables without farmers' markets. A lot has changed. We are now on our second online store after finding that the first one wasn't able to serve our needs as the online portion of the business continued to grow. We are adding Wednesday pick-up locations for our online sales in the GTA and Kitchener this week. We've gotten a lot better at keeping our online presence up to date as this becomes our method of communicating with customers rather than the primarily face to face interactions at farmers markets I am more used to. We miss that. Miss crafting beautiful and functional displays of vegetables at market. Miss getting together with our farmer friends over dinner and a beer. There are other things we don't miss. Like getting up at 3:30 am every Saturday to get to market in time to set up. And also unpacking the market leftovers and re inventorying everything to figure out what sold, and sorting which items could still go back to market for another day. We are trying to recognise in the midst of the loss that this is also a golden opportunity to try doing things differently.
On a broader scale there are lessons I hope are learned as we as a socioty go through this together. First, food is foundationally important, and local food security matters. And second, that small is beautiful. We need not only the primary production, but local small to medium scale processing capacity. Small spreads out risk, and also reduces the initial risks of having too many people working too close together in a large plant. While Cargill plants out west are shut down,and more locally Conestoga Meat Packers, the small abattoirs we use are still going. And even if some were affected, it wouldn't be felt on a national scale like the current supply chain disruptions. There are a whole host of other reasons for stronger regional food systems, but this only brings the importance of what we are doing into sharper focus.
Spring planting time has arrived and that is starting to bring a bit of normal back along with the hope and newness of seeing all the thousands of seedlings out in the field. We also have our first batch of broiler chickens out on grass so stay tuned for a new product at the beginning of June. The sheep are also out enjoying the new grass and adding to both our tiredness and joy by producing new lambs. We try to keep in touch with friends, and you may notice some of their products on our website as we experiment with collaborative sales.

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Currently both of our markets are canceled due to COVID 19

For now, shop online for pickup at one of our Toronto of Kitchener locations, or at the farm.

We normally attend two markets each week year round. We are at Montgomery’s Inn in Etobicoke Wednesday afternoons from 2–6, and the Stop's Farmer's market on Saturday mornings from 7–1. Our products are also available year-round at the farm.


See our Calendar for market dates.

Last modified: October 07, 2021