Farm Update

October 19, 2016

OK, so we haven't done much of a job keeping up with updates. Nathan has been somewhat distracted of late.

This is the time of year when people ask about whether harvest is just about done. And yes, the biggest push of harvest is slowing down, as many vegetables got hit by frost. Pretty much any vegetable that we eat the fruit, which would be tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, beans, cucumbers, and squash, is now done, if it was growing outside. We still have some peppers and tomatoes growing indoors, but those plants are producing less, as day lengths shorten.

Then again, we are still harvesting all our root vegetables - beets; carrots; daikon, black and watermelon radishes; and Jerusalem Artichokes. Yesterday we harvested our first Jerusalem Artichokes, and it was the most pleasant weather I've ever experienced for digging them up. We don't start until after frost has killed the plants, and we don't usually get such mild weather right after the plants die. And our greens continue. Kale is hardy well into the winter. Lettuce and spinach not so much, but they can take a reasonably hard frost. And arugula is almost as hardy as spinach.

Speaking of spinach, we've started planting some in greenhouses for winter harvest. It's a little late this year, but hopefully it grows enough to be harvested in November and December. So, no, harvest isn't over. But neither is planting season. Around here we plant most months of the year, and we harvest all months of the year.

What is winding down is some farmers' markets. Brampton is done, and Uptown and Aberfoyle will be done shortly (at the end of October). We'll be at Stops (Saturday) and Montgomery's Inn (Wednesday) throughout the winter, and this year we're adding another winter market at Toronto Botanical Gardens Organic Farmers' Market.

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About the Farm

Nith Valley Organics is committed to sustainable agriculture. We are currently in the process of transitioning to organic, and were excited to have our first certified organic produce hit the market in the fall of 2014. We continue to also produce vegetables on transitional land to accommodate expansion but as always all our vegetables are grown in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture. In 2016 everything was certified organic except strawberries, beets and carrots. We anticipate being fully transitioned in 2017. We had something close to 20 acres in vegetable production for the 2016 season, and are planning on about the same for 2017.
For more information about the farm, read the About Us page.


Join us for our fifth season as a CSA! We offer several share options — choose between two sizes of boxed share for pickup at any of our markets, on-farm (with the option of ordering eggs, as well), or at selected neighbourhood locations, or enjoy the freedom of our full-choice model with pickup at our various Aberfoyle and Waterloo Square farmers' markets! For more information visit our CSA page. For more information on CSAs, please visit the Oxford County local CSA page.


During the summer, we attend four markets each week. We are at Montgomery’s Inn in Etobicoke Wednesday afternoons from 2–6, Uptown Market in Waterloo Square on Thursday afternoons from 3–7, Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market south of Guelph on Saturday mornings from 8–1., and at the Brampton Farmers Market on Saturday mornings from 7–1. In the winter we sell at both the Montgomery’s Inn market, and the Stop's Farmers' market at Wychwood barns, and our products are also available year-round at the farm.


See our Calendar for market dates, and CSA pickup dates.

Last modified: November 04, 2016