Farm Update

April 12, 2016

As I mentioned in the last update, we built a new greenhouse. By now, it's already had greens harvested from it - arugula and spinach - and it's providing a home for the lettuce that was young seedlings at the time of the last update. Also in that space are tens of thousands of onion seedlings, biding their time until the soil is ready for us to plant them outside. We water them. They grow. We trim them. We water them some more. The sooner they get planted out, the sooner we don't need to trim or water them.

We also have lots of bok choi, some of it of harvest size, growing in the old greenhouse.

By the beginning of May we're going to want much of that space for tomato and pepper seedlings, as we're now on the cusp of the explosion of space needs for them. We seed them in open flats - as many as 220 seeds per flat - and then when they get big enough (which the first peppers are), they get potted up into pots. Eighteen of these pots take up the same space as the open flat that holds 220 seeds. Assuming just 90% of the seeds result in useable plants, we're looking at an eleven-fold increase in space. We have somewhere in the range of 20-30 flats of peppers to pot up over the next few weeks, and we do at least two to three times as many tomato plants. So we expect our greenhouse space to be thoroughly taken up before long.

Plant sales start around the 5th of May. Uptown Waterloo Market starts the Thursday before the 24th of May long weekend. Aberfoyle market starts the last Saturday in May (the 28th). Summer CSA starts the week of June 14th.

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About the Farm

Nith Valley Organics is committed to sustainable agriculture. We are currently in the process of transitioning to organic, and were excited to have our first certified organic produce hit the market in the fall of 2014. We continue to also produce vegetables on transitional land to accommodate expansion but as always all our vegetables are grown in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture. In 2016 everything should be certified organic except strawberries. We anticipate being fully transitioned in 2017. We had 13 acres in vegetable production for the 2014 season, and are planning on about 16 for 2016.
For more information about the farm, read the About Us page.


Join us for our fifth season as a CSA! We offer several share options — choose between two sizes of boxed share for pickup at any of our markets, on-farm (with the option of ordering eggs, as well), or at selected neighbourhood locations, or enjoy the freedom of our full-choice model with pickup at our various Aberfoyle and Waterloo Square farmers' markets! For more information visit our CSA page. For more information on CSAs, please visit the Oxford County local CSA page.


During the summer, we attend four markets each week. We are at Montgomery’s Inn in Etobicoke Wednesday afternoons from 2–6, Uptown Market in Waterloo Square on Thursday afternoons from 3–7, Aberfoyle Farmers’ Market south of Guelph on Saturday mornings from 8–1., and at the Brampton Farmers Market on Saturday mornings from 7–1. In the winter we sell at both the Montgomery’s Inn market, and the Stop's Farmers' market at Wychwood barns, and our products are also available year-round at the farm.


See our Calendar for market dates, and CSA pickup dates.

Last modified: April 12, 2016